Friday, June 20, 2014

Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy (PCAGOE): July Challenge "Mixed Media"

Carnival Mask

I love masks and tribal/totem designs so I decided to try my hand at a small mask in that style for this challenge. Materials include a cardboard mask base, acrylic paint, polymer clay, glitter glue and 20 gauge craft wire.  

Sketch of my idea, originally I thought I would extend the nose more and add three layers of "feathers" at the top.  Well that didn't happen.  It turned out to be very difficult to keep the shape of the polymer clay while curing, when it wasn't supported by the mask base.

Starting with a basic cardboard mask from the craft store, I painted it on both sides with Brass Pearl acrylic paint. I liked it already!

Starting the design.  I used wasabi, green pearl, black and purple to start.  The larger wasabi frame was made using a half-round template in the extruder. the others a smaller full-round.  I used liquid transclucent polymer clay to hold the pieces in place. You can see the template for the "feathers", of which only two layers were used.

First curing on fiberfill.  I decided, on the fly, to add the circles to the "feathers".  They were just too plain as large areas of solid color.  

Next I finished the nose design and added the ties. I covered the knots of the ties with circles of wasabi polymer clay. In the oven for the final cure.  

I found yellow and purple glitter glue in one of those sales bins at Michael's and thought it might be handy for something.  Well, this was it.  I used the yellow on the wasabi areas, and the purple on the purple.  Added some nice bling!

Lastly I made the antennae from 20 gauge craft wire.  The spiral came out too wonky so it went in the trash. I decided to use a polymer clay tear drop instead to cover the ends of the wires. 

The results.  This was a lot of fun, and I am encouraged to do more.  

The back, I always like to see the back.

Would love to hear your comments.  Thanks for stopping by and sharing my story.


  1. Really cool! I've always wanted to try a mask.

  2. Thanks so much Marie! You could make some great cat ones for sure.

  3. Very Cool Betsy!! I loved reading about your process, and really love how you signed the inside of the mask too!

  4. Thank you so much Beth! I bought more blanks to do more, it was a lot of fun!